Flight Instructor Multi-Engine CFI-ME

Multi-Engine (MEI) Instructor Rating
AFTC’s multi-engine instrument instructor rating program adds multi-engine and instrument privileges to your existing Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate. This program provides all necessary ground and flight instruction for tasks required by the Multi-Engine and Instrument Instructor Practical Test Standards. 

AFTC will send you the “Training Supplement” before your training. This booklet covers multi-engine aerodynamics, aircraft systems, checklist procedures, flight procedures, weight & balance, and a check ride oral review. All checklists, required charts, instrument approach plates,

More Experience & More Resources
Why Choose AFTC for your Multi Add-On?

AFTC provides more multi-engine flight training and certification than any other American flight school in Europe. Our aircraft fly over 100 hours each month, and more 50 certifications and ratings are achieved by AFTC customers each year.

With training centers located in France and Belgium, AFTC is in a unique position to complete your FAA flight training on time, at exactly the estimated cost.

Standardized equipment in Aircraft
All AFTC aircraft feature the exact same avionics suite. All the aircraft are equipped with an HSI and Garmin GNS-430 moving map GPS system.

Standardized Procedures
AFTC and their colleges in the US operate within 2 different Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs), but we use the exact same operating procedures under all jurisdictions. This attests to the quality of training and standardization that we uphold.

FAA-Approved Examiners
We work with Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) —they are familiar with standardized training procedures and checklists.

Fly with AFTC and you will see why we offer the best FAA training experience in general aviation in Europe.

Ground Training
Ground training will include a review of the Practical Test Standards, airplane manuals, and the AFTC Training Supplement (which should be memorized prior starting the course).