American Flight Training Center is a subsidaiy of  a group of aviation specialist and flight trainingcompanies with branche offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Our European subsidiaries have offices in Belgium and France.

How is American Flight Training Center different than other Crew Resource Management consultants?

One of American Flight Training Center founders, Mr. Willem C.J.M. van Genk, served as a Senior Instructor, Training Captain and Safety Officer for a major International Flight Training Center with a Corporate flight department.

In this role, Mr. van Genk:

  • Championed the Corporate Instruction and Human Factors Team.
  • Developed and enhanced operational Crew Resource Management and Human factors Courses.
  • Participated on the team that achieved the operator´s CRM and Human Performance Certification with FAA certification and JAA certification by the Belgian CAA.

The key difference between American Flight Training Center and the other Crew Resource Management consultants is, Mr. van Genk not only played a key role in Crew Resource Management courses development of the Flight Training Center, he also worked as a training instructor within the programs created.

Mr. van Genk is an accomplished corporate pilot and flight instructor with more than 35 seamless years of accident free experience. He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and a Belgian JAA commercial instrument license. 

Mr. van Genk is certified by the Belgian CAA and is recognized by the International Flight Safety Institute in the development and instruction of Crew Resource Management courses and Human Performance Programs for Flight Operations.

American Flight Training Center’s Crew resource Management courses are given in all European countries on location.

CRM.AviaTraining.Net is a trade name of the Belgian branche office of a UK limited liability company facing the business aviation. For further information please write to: info@aftc.be
American Flight Training Center´s e-learning courses empower anyone to quickly and easily master the desired aviation knowledge.

American Flight Training Center´s mission is simple.
We make from everyone using our Aviation e-learning courses, a Flying and an Aviation master.American Flight Training Center is a trademark and brand name of AFTC cv Belgium.