It’s obvious that in all aircraft the use of a well developed checklist is mandatory.

To day’s constructors of aircraft spend a lot time and effort for this high safety subject.

In order to train our students the use and even the development of their own checklists American Flight Training Center gives here some samples for own use. 
Caution, these samples are no substitute for the constructors advises or checklists!

If you print these lists double sided and fold them in the middle, you will have an easy list to use. One half side before flight, other half side during flight and landing, and when you need the emergency checklist you simply use the other side of the paper

  1. Checklist Cessna 172SP ; 
    Weight and Balance calculation for Cessna 172SP; (These aircrafts we use for training in Arizona)
  2. Checklist Cessna 172J REIMS ROCKET N145PC ;
    Weight and Balance calculation for Cessna 172J – N145PC;
    English operating manual for Cessna 172J Reims Rocket – N145PC;
  3. Checklist Cessna 172M THIELERT N9085 ; 
    Weight and Balance calculation for Cessna 172M – N9085
    (comes shortly)
  4. Checklist Cessna 172M;
    Operating Manual Cessna 172M;
  5. Checklist Pressurized Skymaster C337
    Training manual Pressurized Skymaster C337;
  6. Checklist Beechcraft Siera (BE24)
    Operating Manuel Beechcraft A24;
  7. Checklist Beechcraft A 36 (BE 36) as we train we many different models ask your personal checklist by email
  8. Checklist Gruman Cheetah AA5A ; 
    Weight and Balance Calculation sheet on request available
  9. Checklist (French) Robin DR 400 ; By my French friend Pilot Colonel de l’armee de l’air Charles Roulet
  10. Holding pattern determination form ; by W. van Genk
  11. Jeppesen orientation ; by Jeppesen (This material is owned by Jeppesen and is only for study purposes)
  12. Garmin 430 training course ; by GARMIN
  13. Garmin 530 training course ; by GARMIN

If your checklist is not here, contact us, maybe we can provide you the one you need for your own aircraft.

If you have any comment or improvements on these checklist, don’t hesitate to contact us on or phone us on +32 (0)4 2680468